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Benders Capital is a group of professionals who made the investment in Real estate easy and simple. 

Successfully owned, managed and sold many properties at a high profit for the investors as they receive their passive income from the investments.

"Don't wait to buy real estate...buy real estate and wait" 

Open Space Office

Open Investments

Benders Capital is acquiring apartment buildings that can be improved and renovated to generate positive cashflow.

This fund will be focused on Distressed or more Opportunistic assets created from the Covid Shutdown and Recovery.



The Monarch Apartments

Fund X

Durham, NC

Total Units


Targeted IRR


Target Equity Multiple

2.5X - 3.0X

Coming Soon

Fund X

North Carolina

Total Units


Targeted IRR


Target Equity Multiple



Our acquisition strategy targets multifamily properties that conform to the following criteria:

  • Positive Cash flow at the first year.

  • More than 90% occupancy.

  • 50-250 units.

  • $10 MM+ transaction size.

  • Rents below market at acquisition.

  • Value-add or under-performing assets to be improved.

  • Class B or C properties.

  • Cities with growing population and jobs.

  • Great locations. 

Why invest with Benders Capital?

Market Analysis


Real estate has proven a stable growth over a long period of time, much better than stocks and other investments.

Accounting Documents

Tax Benefits

Real estate has the ability to depreciate which is a free tax write-off which lets you generate more profit. 


Cash Flow

Real estate can generate positive cash flow passively.

Holding Bills


In Real estate you can buy 4 or 5 time worth of the downpayment you spend. 



Rental income pays down the debt overtime.  Equity will increase which leads to long-term wealth.

Office Building


Real estate appreciates in value overtime.